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Planned Service Disruption

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On Tuesday, June 1, there will be a planned service disruption that will affect morning and evening service for both the Manassas and Fredericksburg Lines.

Each line will have a different action plan during the disruption. Use the links below to see the plan for your line:

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the service disruption.

Why Is This Necessary?

CSX has been working to install a third main line track between Alexandria and Franconia/Springfield (construction can be seen from the East side of the train). Just south of Alexandria, the tracks go over the Norfolk Southern tracks using two bridges. One bridge has one track. While the second bridge has the space for two tracks, it can only support one track. Construction on a new bridge has been taking place alongside the tracks (this construction can be seen from the West side of the train). CSX will cut out the old bridge and slide the new bridge into place. Ultimately, the third track will help ease capacity constraints on the Fredericksburg Line by allowing passenger trains to pass slower freight trains in the area.

When Is This Happening?

The bridge work will occur over Memorial Day weekend and is expected to take four days to complete. The work will start after VRE service on Friday, May 28 and will continue through Tuesday, June 1.

Final Thoughts

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this planned disruption. In conjunction with CSX and the Commonwealth of Virginia, VRE has been working towards increasing the capacity of the rails we operate on. Over the last several years, this has included additional interlockings (places where trains can switch tracks), an additional bridge over Quantico Creek, a third track near our L'Enfant station, and a third track between the Potomac River and Alexandria. With the completion of this project, another piece of the puzzle is being added. We believe that these growing pains will be worthwhile.

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