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Welcome to Virginia Railway Express

Congratulations! You have taken the first steps to a stress-free commute!

Virginia Railway Express (VRE) is for people who have better things to do than drive. Besides saving wear and tear on your car and your nerves, VRE riders find the time to catch up on work, read or maybe just decompress after a long day at the office. Some people even call VRE the information superhighway because they have time to keep up with the latest news and literature.

Riding Virginia Railway Express:

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The guide below is designed to assist you in planning your first trip on VRE. If you read through this guide and still have questions, please feel free contact our office at (703) 684-1001 or email us at

Pick Your Station

First, check out our System Map and pick the stations you wish to travel to and from. If your destination is not directly next to a station, keep in mind that we connect with both metrorail and metrobus at five locations. Trying to decide between two stations? To look at the amenities offered, click the station name on the map to tell you not only how to get there, but what "extras" are available.

How Much Will a Ticket Cost?

Take note of your zones. The zone that your station starts in is the originating station and the station you will arrive at is your destination station. This zone pairing will determine your fare. There are 6 different ticket options including:

  • Monthly ticket (unlimited rides in a calendar month)
  • Five-Day pass (valid for 5 consecutive service days)
  • Ten-Ride ticket (valid for 10 individual one way rides that do not have to be used consecutively)
  • Two-Ride (valid for 2 individual one way rides)
  • Single-ride ticket (this is a single-one-way ride).
  • If you plan to use both VRE and Metrorail, you can purchase a combination ticket called a Transit Link Card (TLC) this ticket offers unlimited VRE and Metro usage for a calendar month.

Discounts for all these ticket types are available for seniors, disabled and youths under 18. Once you've determined which ticket works best for your travel needs, check out our ticket fare chart. Again, find your origination station zone and your destination zone to find your fare.

What Times Do the Trains Run?

Since we are a commuter rail system, we run northbound into DC in the morning and southbound in the afternoon and evening. Specific departure times can be found by visiting the schedule page on our website or by emailing to request a pocket schedule  to be sent to you.
Note the time on the schedule is time the train will depart the station, be sure to be on the platform with your ticket validated and ready to board prior to the departure time. We suggest that you be on the platform with your ticket validated at least 5 minutes prior to the train’s departure time

How Do I Buy a Ticket?

Now that you have chosen your station and you know which ticket type you want, the next step is purchasing the ticket.
There are several ways to purchase VRE tickets, including on the platform (with a debit card or major credit card - NO CASH is accepted), or at one of our vendors (with checks, cash, Smart Benefits, credit or debit cards). If you want to start using VRE right away, the easiest and quickest way to purchase your ticket is from a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) located on the platform. Keep in mind that tickets are NOT sold on the trains.

What is Validation?
Validation is the deduction of the available ride off your ticket. The deduction is indicated by a time stamp on the face of your ticket.

How do I Validate my Ticket?
The ticket vending machines at each platform are also validators
If it is your first time purchasing the ticket (Single Ride, Ten Ride or Five Day Pass) the TVM will prompt you to validate for immediate use, if you are boarding select “yes” the ticket will print with the validation on the face of the ticket. If you are purchasing the ticket for future use, select “no”. When you are ready to use your ticket insert the end of your ticket with the arrows in the validator and it will time-stamp the ticket.
You MUST validate your ticket for each ride, for example:

  • On a Ten Ride or Two Ride ticket you should validate once in the a.m. and once in the p.m.
  • For Five-Day passes validate once, the TVM will print the expiration date and time in large print on the face of the ticket.
  • If you purchased a Transit Link Card (TLC) or a Monthly ticket you validate it simply by signing it.
  • Single ride tickets, Two Ride tickets and Ten Ride tickets can only be validated approximately 1 hour prior to boarding your train.
It's Time to Ride - What Do I Have to Know?

Be sure to arrive at the station early, so that you have time to park, purchase your ticket (if you need to), and validate your ticket.
When the train arrives, you simply board and insert your validated ticket in the clip on top of the seat in from of you. A conductor will be come by to check it. If you want, let the conductor know this is your first ride. He or she will be sure to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.
Prior to each station stop there will be an announcement indicating the station. When you arrive at your destination, be sure to pick up your ticket and all of your belongings. (Don't worry, if you forget something, we have a lost and found system - just call our offices at (703) 684-1001 to report the lost item).

A Few Things That You Should Keep in Mind
  • VRE does not run on weekends.
  • VRE does not run on Federal Holidays. Amtrak trains may be available for some holidays; see the Amtrak page for more details. Please visit the operations calendar page for detailed information on limited and/or no service dates.
  • Delays do happen. To find out if your train is delayed, sign up for our e-news/text service, Train Talk, to get the latest information about VRE, visit "Rail Time" on our website or call (703) 684-0400 or 1-800-RIDE-VRE.
  • Have an emergency and need to get home in the middle of the day? Commuter Connections offers a Guaranteed Ride Home Program that will get you home in case of a medical or other emergency for you or your family, or unscheduled overtime.
Want to Contact VRE?

If you need more information, please contact us by email at or call us at (703) 684-1001.

Interested in a New Rider Guide?

VRE's New Rider’s Guide is full of helpful information and can be found aboard the train. Welcome aboard and thank you for riding VRE!

The guide below was designed to help to plan your first ride. Don't worry - it is easy. You won't even have to leave your chair to get your tickets if you don't want to!

As you go through these simple steps, we have included many informative links. Be sure to use your "back" key to return to this page after you surf. As with most things in life there are lots of different options to choose from when buying your ticket; you can make the ticket purchase as easy or complicated as you want. Because you are new to the system, we have tried to give you lots of information, while guiding you in the easiest and least time consuming direction. If at any time you feel like you want to discuss your needs with a live person, please call our office at (703) 684-1001 or, if you prefer, you can email us at with any questions.

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